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My Roots to Los Angeles as a 9th Generation Angelino

A Brief History
Los Pobladores 200
My Santa Barbara Connection
More on LA
Continuing the Legacy
The City of Angels turns 225
LP200 rides LA float at Rose Parade
Misc Pictures
Cousin Felix - RIP
LP200 2012
LP200 2014
New! 2017 DW News interview on multicultural LA

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Hi, I'm Tony Leon - thanks for stopping by! This web site is an attempt to briefly share information about my family roots as a 9th generation Angelino. Since the summer of 2004, I've been learning a lot about Los Angeles history as well as my own heritage as a descendant of an original settler of the city, founded in 1781. It has been a labor of love unlocking doors to the past. I hope you will be inspired by your visit.


I dedicate this site to my cousin Felix who tried to get me involved with this back in 1981 during LA's bicentennial year, to my children Anthony and Alexandra, to my wife Teresa for indulging me in my endeavor of exploring my roots, and to the native American Indians of California who once enjoyed the freedom and liberties we all have and may take for granted today.

Los Pobladores plaque at El Pueblo Historic Monument

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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